Slow Computer Solutions

Install Solid State Drive to improve File Operations

What is an SSD?

The Solid-State Drive, or SSD, has no moving parts and is comprised entirely of Memory and supporting circuits.

In October of 2014, I installed a 250Gb SSD in my laptop, for $130. So, I have been using it for over a year.

On the 'Up' side, the SSD is definitely faster than the standard (mechanical) drive.

If you work with larger files [eg, images and videos], you will see a performance boost during file operations; Otherwise, the improved performance is mainly noticed during startup.

The 'Down' side. is the $PRICE. As of November 2015, a 250Gb SSD sells for $105. The 500Gb is $275. In comparison, a standard (mechanical) 500Gb drive is less than $50.

So, YES, it can speed things up; but, in most instances will not be worth the $$$.