Slow Computer Solutions

Keep your PC safe with these security tips

Use a standard user account for regular computer time

When you first 'set up' Windows™ with your account name and password, this 'Account' is an Administrator Account. The 'administrator' can perform any and every sort of operation on the system. This is not very secure.

By simply changing your account to a Regular User account, you limit, both the damage you yourself might inadvertently cause, and limit also the damage Malware/Badware can do.

  1. Create an Auxiliary Administrator account

    First, your computer must have at least one administrator Account at all times, so before we can change your account, we must create one other.

    • Click: Start -> Control Panel -> User Accounts -> create a new account
    • You can name the new account anything. I like 'Admin' or 'Super' for 'Super User'
    • Select 'Administrator' and Click: 'Create Account' and follow the instructions. Make sure the account is password protected!
  2. Change your original account from Administrator to Standard User

    • Click: Start -> Control Panel -> Your Account Picture
    • Click: 'Change your Account type' and change it to 'Standard User'
    • Log out and back in again

Now you can log into your computer just as before, and browse the Web, check your email, write a paper, etc. The difference being, that your system has an higher level of security.