Slow Computer Solutions

Help resolving more difficult problems

Computer repair and maintenance is not for everyone

Not everyone is comfortable running utilities or opening the back of their computer. If your computer is slow after applying some of the steps, or you are not comfortable or able to do so, it may be you need to seek more advanced help from a local service technician, or remote assistance, or one of the help-forums below. Be sure to tell them, that you have already applied all the steps laid out here at DeBog: Slow Computer Fixes

In Southern New Jersey?

Contact David for information regarding in-house or in-shop services.

Not in South Jersey?

Type 'Computer Repair' and your zip code in the box below to find a local service tech.

Helpful Computer Forums

Daniweb -
Very good help forum with many friendly experts

Martha's Web -
Help with slow computer

Help for beginners -
Help for beginners

Microsoft Fixit Center -
Microsoft Fixit Center Online